Interested in learning how to add deep reasoning to enterprise graph or linked data and ontologies?  Many large enterprises have invested considerable resources to develop smart data solutions, because their more flexible schemas augment and extend existing relational databases and other more traditional data stores.

“The Power of Deep Reasoning with Large Graph Data” discusses how deep reasoning, implemented using the Smart Rules technology in Coherent’s Ergo Suite leverages these smart data investments.  This recent talk by Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof and Janine Bloomfield, was presented at Smart Data 2015 in San Jose, California on August 18, 2015.

Deep reasoning adds critical capabilities, each required to realize business value.  These include:

  • more complex analytics
  • context and mappings for data and system integration
  • representing more complex knowledge such as policies, regulations, and science
  • capturing subject matter experts’ (SMEs) insights directly as data itself, with clean standard semantics (rather than buried in conventional program code that is hard to understand and reuse).

We illustrate the talk with examples from financial services policy automation, national intelligence analysis, e-commerce marketing, and other areas. We discuss recent optimization techniques for scaling up the variety, volume, and velocity of Rulelog semantic rules in combination with graph databases, including bulk data import, dependency-aware updating of large stores of inferred data, and natural language templates for rule authoring by SMEs.