Coherent provides a content-neutral platform, Ergo Suite, to existing and emerging e-learning players such as publishers and platform providers, to enhance and augment their offerings including:

  • Textbooks.
  • Test Preparation and Study Guides.
  • Syllabi; prerequisite networks; and guidance on learning units & objectives.
  • Tutoring.

Ergo Suite, an advanced logic-based AI and semantic technology platform, provides the capabilities to:

  • Quickly create structured knowledge with explanations from existing educational materials, scalably and affordably.
  • Add accuracy, flexibility, depth, and precision to existing ontologies and statistical methods for machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Provide next-generation interactive learning guidance.
  • Address learning of Critical Thinking Skills such as inference, analysis, and synthesis.

One exciting direction we are pursuing is Digital Socrates, a new concept in interactive tutoring.


Coherent Knowledge Systems provides next generation capabilities for interactive e-learning.

For more information on Coherent’s E-Learning offerings, including a live demo, please contact Coherent at