About Us

Coherent is a technology lab specializing in Textual Rulelog, an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that combines Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) tightly with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and complements Machine Learning (ML).

Our team led the invention of Textual Rulelog, and are the world-renowned leaders in it.  We develop the Ergo Suite software:  the most complete, optimized, and mature implementation of Textual Rulelog available in the market.  Our team members have a long track record of KRR innovation and leadership in industry and research.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of Textual Rulelog to the world, across the full range of potential application and task domains.

Coherent licenses Ergo, and supplies professional services to assist partners and end customers in their development of application solutions using Ergo, including:

  • support
  • training
  • technical problem solving (design and implementation), including:
    • consulting on how to best use Ergo
    • custom development of code:  primarily Ergo extensions such as connectors and interfaces/APIs
    • custom development of Ergo knowledge bases (KBs):  e.g., templates or mappings in support of customers developing their own KBs