Coherent Knowledge Systems offers a proprietary software product, the Episto™ platform, available for license, along with professional services including custom development.

The Episto platform:

•  Leverages over a decade of major government and privately funded research advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic technologies
•  Dramatically expands the capabilities of database systems to manage complex and changing information
•  Provides unique benefits for analysis, policy automation, info access, info integration, and decision management

Its current applications include e-learning, and compliance with regulations and policies in such areas as financial services and national intelligence.  There are many other potential applications as well.

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Coherent’s world-class team has unrivaled expertise in developing logic systems and associated standards. The team has taken the technology from fundamental research and invention to commercialization today.   With a history of industry leadership,  it has extensive experience applying logic systems to numerous domains in e-learning, government, and business.

Latest News and Updates

Leading Financial Industry Consortium Proof-Of-Concept Features Coherent’s Episto

Benjamin Grosof, CTO and CEO of Coherent, demonstrated the use of Coherent’s Episto system to automate compliance with banking regulation policy at the EDM Council webinar on June 26, 2014.  The webinar focused on an application-pilot proof-of-concept for such compliance using advanced business rules and natural language processing semantic technology.  The webinar was attended by…

Coherent’s Michael Kifer awarded prestigious 20-year “Test of Time Award”

In September, Coherent’s Dr. Michael Kifer was awarded the prestigious 20-year Test of Time Award from the Association for Logic Programming (ALP). The award identifies the most influential paper from the ICLP proceedings 20 years prior that stood the “test of time”.


Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof co-chairs Rules mini-series for Ontolog Forum, on-going since October

Benjamin Grosof is co-chairing the ongoing Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming for Reasoning and Applications mini-series for Ontolog Forum.


Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof keynotes at STIDS (Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security) conference, Nov. 13-14

Benjamin Grosof delivers a keynote address at the STIDS 2013 conference on “Highly Expresive yet Scalable Knowledge for Intelligence, Defense, and Security”.