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a technology focused company specializing in an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that combines Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) tightly with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and complements Machine Learning (ML).

Our team members have a long track record of KRR innovation and leadership in industry and research.

We are the makers of Ergo Suite software which includes a reasoning engine and an IDE with strong explanation capabilities and graphical UI, API’s, and a variety of connectors to graph and relational databases, spreadsheets and tabular data, JSON, RDF/OWL, SPARQL, SQL, XML, and more. Ergo Suite’s reasoning engine is a commercially-supported extension and enhancement of the open-source research software, Flora-2 (Ergo Lite). Flora-2 is a community-supported reasoning engine only and lacks an IDE, many of the connectors, the explanation capabilities, knowledge debugging tools, justification and many other features that Ergo Suite has. For more details, check out this comparison of Ergo Suite with Flora-2. Flora-2 was previously developed as a purely academic project by several members of the Coherent team.  Coherent Knowledge supports the Flora-2 effort and contributes greatly to its ongoing maintenance and other development.

Advanced Semantic Rules

Ergo Suite is the most advanced semantic rules & reasoning platform for enterprise available today.  Powerfully flexible, agile, accurate, and affordable.

New Approach

Ergo Suite takes a new approach that makes it fundamentally easier to capture and reason with the often-complex kinds of knowledge your enterprise needs to handle every day, such as business policies, legal regulations, and information integration mappings.

Decision Making

Use Ergo Suite for sophisticated automation of analysis, decision making, question answering, explanation, enhanced monitoring, and more — all at enterprise speed and scale.


Capture, integrate, and strongly leverage all your critical enterprise knowledge: natural language documents, graph databases, relational databases, NoSQL, ontologies, results of machine learning, spreadsheets, and application objects — plus the key information that resides today only in people’s heads.

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A New AI Technology for Knowledge Management

Ergo Suite is based on recent fundamental advances in logical reasoning and logic-based artificial intelligence, pioneered by Coherent’s team. Ergo Suite greatly expands what is possible and practical in semantic rules and semantic technology overall.

Ergo Suite uses a rule language that is easier to learn and author knowledge in than other approaches are, and is flexible enough to encode almost any kind of logical knowledge. One doesn’t have to be a logician or a programmer to use it effectively.

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Fully detailed explanations for each query answer are automatically generated, based on the logical chain of reasoning. These explanations can be presented in English, with provenance links to source documents and context, navigable and understandable even by non-technical users.

Senior Team

Benjamin Grosof, PhD

Benjamin Grosof, PhD

Board member, co-founder

An industry leader in knowledge representation, reasoning, and acquisition.  Pioneered semantic technology and industry standards for rules combined with ontologies, their acquisition from natural language (NL), and their applications in finance, e-commerce, policies (including contracts, regulations, and security), and e-learning.

Michael Kifer, PhD

Michael Kifer, PhD

CTO, co-founder

Co-invented F-logic, HiLog, Annotated Logic, and Transaction Logic, which are among the most widely cited works in Computer Science and Semantic Web research. He has published four text books and numerous articles in these areas. Three “Test of Time” awards.  Stony Brook University Professor.

Theresa Swift, PhD

Theresa Swift, PhD

Prinicipal Engineer, co-founder

Led the development of the XSB Programming system, a major open-source Prolog and the backbone of Ergo Suite.  Over 75 publications in major refereed journals and conferences, editor of three books. She co-created and supports a major rules system for the Customs and Border Control agency of the US government.

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We provide professional services to help our customers and partners develop applications and solutions, including support, training, design of solutions, design and development of knowledge bases, development of custom software extensions such as connectors to customer enterprise environments.

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