Ergo Suite by Coherent Knowledge delivers deep reasoning for enterprise knowledge management:

Powerfully flexible, agile, accurate, and affordable.

“Smart Rules for Smart Data”™

Ergo Suite is the most advanced semantic rules & reasoning platform for enterprise available today.

Ergo Suite takes a new approach that makes it fundamentally easier to capture and reason with the often-complex kinds of knowledge your enterprise needs to handle every day, such as business policies, legal regulations, and information integration mappings.

Use Ergo Suite for sophisticated automation of analysis, decision making, question answering, explanation, enhanced monitoring, and more — all at enterprise speed and scale.

Capture, integrate, and strongly leverage all your critical enterprise knowledge: natural language documents, graph databases, relational databases, NoSQL, ontologies, results of machine learning, spreadsheets, and application objects — plus the key information that resides today only in people’s heads.

Smart Rules for Smart Enterprise

Ergo Suite customer applications to date include: financial regulations and policies, defense intelligence analysis, and e-commerce digital marketing. It is applicable in many other areas as well, including e-learning and health care.

Coherent provides a full range of support services including training, consulting, and custom development.

Coherent’s Team is world-class. It has unrivaled expertise in developing logic systems and associated standards. The team has taken the technology from fundamental research and invention to commercialization today. With a history of industry leadership, it has extensive experience applying logic systems to numerous domains in business, government, and e-learning.

For more information, including how to use it for your enterprise application and environment, pricing, and to schedule a live demo, Contact Us.

Coherent’s Powerful Smart Rules Platform

Ergo Suite Highlights:

* Ergo Suite is based on recent fundamental advances in logical reasoning and logic-based artificial intelligence, pioneered by Coherent’s team. Ergo Suite greatly expands what is possible and practical in semantic rules and semantic technology overall.

* Ergo Suite uses Rulelog, a rule language that is easier to learn and author knowledge in than other approaches are, and is flexible enough to encode almost any kind of logical knowledge. One doesn’t have to be a logician or a programmer to use it effectively.

* Supports smart data by importing, mapping, and reasoning with knowledge in all major forms: RDF, SPARQL; other graph data, linked data; ontologies, OWL; results of machine learning, data mining — as well as: relational data, spreadsheets, and natural language documents.

* Powerful integrated development environment (IDE) and user interface for developing applications, querying, authoring, and browsing knowledge including explanations.

* Fully detailed explanations for each query answer are automatically generated. These explanations can be presented in English, with provenance links to source documents and context, navigable and understandable even by non-technical users.

* Highly agile development of rules. Subject matter experts can directly modify, add, and test rules during the rule development process. Development and deployment of updated rules for your enterprise’s application can be at a clockspeed of hours or days, rather than months.

Latest News and Updates

The Power of Deep Reasoning with Large Graph Data

Interested in learning how to add deep reasoning to enterprise graph or linked data and ontologies?  Many large enterprises have invested considerable resources to develop smart data solutions, because their more flexible schemas augment and extend existing relational databases and other more traditional data stores. “The Power of Deep Reasoning with Large Graph Data” discusses how deep reasoning, implemented using the Smart Rules technology in Coherent’s Ergo Suite leverages these smart data investments.  This recent…

Coherent to present tutorial on Rulelog at RuleML 2015

Coherent Knowledge Systems will be presenting  a 90 minute tutorial on Rulelog, Powerful Practical Semantic Rules in Rulelog: Fundamentals and Recent Progress on August 2, 2015 as part of the 9th International Web Rule Symposium – RuleML and the Reasoning Web Summer School RW-2015: being held in Berlin, Germany, August 2-5, 2015.  Coherent will also be presenting the case study, Automated Decision Support for Financial Regulatory/Policy Compliance, using Textual Rulelog, during the industry track…

Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof to present financial compliance case study at RuleML 2015

Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof will present a case study, Automated Decision Support for Financial Regulatory/Policy Compliance, using Textual Rulelog, as part of the 9th International Web Rule Symposium – RuleML-2015 – to be held in Berlin, Germany, August 2-5, 2015.  Part of the industry track, it describes how Coherent took an important recently-issued federal banking regulation, Regulation W, then encoded it logically and automated actionable reasoning, using Textual Rulelog implemented in Coherent’s Ergo Suite platform.  Coherent will…

Coherent presents at Decision Camp 2014

Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof  will speak on “Explanation-based E-Learning for Business Decision Making and Education at Decision Camp 2014 on Tuesday, October 14 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM, in San Jose, CA.  In order to make decisions – including implementing and interpreting automated decision support – users need to deeply understand the policies and regulations that underlie their decisions.  Given the large and ever-growing amount and complexity of policies and regulations most companies face, methodologies that…