Ergo Suite Documentation


The Ergo Suite Tutorial is a set of lessons that introduces you to the fundamentals of authoring knowledge bases (a.k.a., rulebases) in Ergo. It includes  a number of worked examples with sample executable Ergo files. The tutorial provides an overview of the Ergo system from the very basics to more advanced topics.

Ergo Manuals

  • Ergo Packages Manual: Covers connectors from Ergo to other non-Ergo information sources and systems such as Java, SQL SPARQL, RDF/OWL, tabular data, XML, JSON, and more.

Getting Started With Ergo

If you are new to Ergo, the best place to start is with the tutorial and the Ergo Studio manual.  A basic knowledge of Prolog is helpful in understanding Ergo.  Prolog tutorials and textbooks, for example Learn Prolog Now, can be found online.  As you advance to the next stage, the Ergo Reasoner User’s Manual is a complete reference to the system.  The Ergo Packages Manual provides all the details you will need to connect your Ergo knowledge base to the outside world.  Finally, the XSB manuals are useful to those who need to supplement their knowledge bases with low-level primitives that an experienced developer might need in some cases.

XSB Manuals

These manuals are primarily for use by experienced developers who need low-level features that are accessible directly in XSB.