The Digital Socrates Interactive Tutor – A New Concept in E-Learning

The Socratic method is a classic pedagogical approach in which a teacher guides a student towards mastery of a subject through an interactive and strategic process of asking questions and eliciting of answers.  Beyond simple recall of facts, the Socratic method promotes the development of critical thinking skills and encourages fundamental insight into the topic at hand.

Digital Socrates is the first step in automating the Socratic method using modern artificial intelligence and semantic technology. It will provide not just the answer to a particular question but the logical chain of reasoning needed to arrive at the correct solution.  Digital Socrates is an interactive tutor that will help a student understand where he went wrong and how to do it right the next time.  In addition, it will suggest what information the student needs to solve the problem (fine-grained prerequisites), where to get the information he or she needs (links to source material in textbooks, the web, or other learning resources), and what the next problem it makes sense for him or her to answer is.

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