Rulelog: Highly Expressive Semantic Rules with Scalable Deep Reasoning

Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof, Michael Kifer, and Paul Fodor will be presenting a half-day tutorial on Rulelog, the leading knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR) approach that underlies Coherent’s Ergo Suite system at the RuleML+ RR: International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning, 2017 in London on Thursday morning, July 13, 2017.

Abstract: In this half-day tutorial, we cover the fundamental concepts, key technologies, emerging applications, recent progress, and outstanding research issues in the area of Rulelog, a leading approach to fully semantic rule-based knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR).  Rulelog matches well many of the requirements of cognitive computing.  It combines deep logical/probabilistic reasoning tightly with natural language processing (NLP), and complements machine learning (ML).  Rulelog interoperates and composes well with graph databases, relational databases, spreadsheets, XML, and expressively simpler rule/ontology systems – and can orchestrate overall hybrid KRR.   Developed mainly since 2005, Rulelog is much more expressively powerful than the previous state-of-the-art practical KRR approaches, yet is computationally affordable.  It is fully semantic and has capable efficient implementations that leverage methods from logic programming and databases, including dependency-aware smart caching and a dynamic compilation stack architecture.