Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof will present a case study, Automated Decision Support for Financial Regulatory/Policy Compliance, using Textual Rulelog, as part of the 9th International Web Rule Symposium – RuleML-2015 – to be held in Berlin, Germany, August 2-5, 2015.  Part of the industry track, it describes how Coherent took an important recently-issued federal banking regulation, Regulation W, then encoded it logically and automated actionable reasoning, using Textual Rulelog implemented in Coherent’s Ergo Suite platform.  Coherent will also be presenting the tutorial, Powerful Practical Semantic Rules in Rulelog: Fundamentals and Recent Progress on August 2, 2015 at RuleML-2015.

Hope you can join us there!

Coherent is a proud sponsor of RuleML 2015.