Coherent’s Benjamin Grosof  will speak on “Explanation-based E-Learning for Business Decision Making and Education at Decision Camp 2014 on Tuesday, October 14 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM, in San Jose, CA.  In order to make decisions – including implementing and interpreting automated decision support – users need to deeply understand the policies and regulations that underlie their decisions.  Given the large and ever-growing amount and complexity of policies and regulations most companies face, methodologies that effectively and efficiently support learning and comprehension in addition to decision making are becoming essential to many businesses and GRC platforms.  Our domain-independent explanation-based tutoring has wide applicability for education technology at all levels including K-12, higher, continuing, professional, business, and customer education.  In this talk, Benjamin presents two case studies, one in financial regulatory policy compliance and the other in science pedagogy, to illustrate the use of Textual Rulelog, and Ergo Suite, in decision making and explanation.