We offer three versions of Ergo Suite for development, Ergo Suite Individual, Ergo Suite VM, and Ergo Suite Cloud.

If you’re interested in using Ergo as a component of a larger application, OEM, or in deployment, please talk to us to discuss your particular requirements.  We offer a partner program for qualified users.  Start the conversation by contacting us.

Interested in an open source version of Ergo?  Ergo Suite is built on top of the research software Flora-2 (a.k.a., Ergo Lite), also developed by Coherent’s co-founders. A link to download Flora-2 is provided below.  A comparison of the features in Ergo Suite vs. Flora-2 can be found here.

Academic users who are actively employed by or affiliated with an academic institution can apply for a free Ergo Suite Academic license.

Basic email support is available for all options for $495 per machine per year

Professional services for all options of Ergo Suite and Flora-2 (a.k.a. Ergo Suite)  are available.  Contact us for details.

Ergo Suite Individual

Perfect for entrepreneurs, evangelists, enthusiasts, extended evaluation


  • Includes upgrades and transfer between machines

Ergo Suite VM

For developers running Ergo on virtual machines


  • Adds ability to run Ergo Suite on virtual machines
  • Includes upgrades and tranfer between machines

Ergo Suite Cloud

Good for large companies and others working in cloud environments


  • Adds ability to run Ergo Suite on a cloud server (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Includes upgrades and transfer between machines

Ergo Suite Academic

Intended for research and/or educational purposes only


  • Includes upgrades
  • Must be actively employed by or affiliated with an academic institution. Submit an application in order to qualify
  • Renewable annually on request


(a.k.a. Ergo Lite)


Professional Services

We offer professional services for

  • training
  • enhanced support (including by phone or web conference)
  • design of overall application solutions
  • custom development of knowledge bases
  • custom development of extensions to Ergo

Contact us for a custom quote

Basic email support

Basic support is on current version only and is via email.  Basic support includes basic installation and setup issues not covered by the tutorial and manual.  Basic support includes bug reporting.  We ask that you first check the tutorial and manual to see if your problem is discussed, as well as the list of known bugs.  If your issue is not covered in one of these resources, please send us a reproducible test case.  We will address verified problems in a future release.  For prioritized service and custom enhancements, please contact us for a quote.