Ergo Suite vs. Flora-2 (open source)

Ergo Suite is a full-featured, commercially supported, enterprise-ready platform tool for AI reasoning and semantic rules, with a uniquely comprehensive set of capabilities. Developed by Coherent’s team of industry leaders in semantic rule-based reasoning, it is based on major research advances in logic.  Ergo Suite consists of two major components:  Ergo Reasoner and Ergo Studio.  Reasoner is a reasoning engine.  Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for knowledge authoring, querying, testing, and debugging.

Ergo Reasoner was inspired by Flora-2, an open-source, community supported tool that was previously developed as a purely academic project by several members of the Coherent team.  Coherent Knowledge supports the Flora-2 effort and contributes greatly to its ongoing maintenance and other development.

Flora-2 is a subset of the core Ergo Suite engine, Ergo Reasoner.

The table below gives a detailed comparison of the capabilities of Ergo Suite to those of Flora-2.


Ergo Suite Flora-2
Support, Maintenance & Professional Services
Development Intensity Active development: frequent releases, with enhancements and significant new features. Infrequent releases, with minor improvements.
Technical Support Coherent provides full technical support, maintenance, and prioritized bug fixes to licensed Ergo customers. Supported by a small community of volunteers. Occasional bug fixes.
Professional Services Coherent offers additional support and custom enhancements, on a consulting basis.
Enterprise Integration and Deployment
Development Environment (IDE)
Ergo Studio, included in Ergo Suite, is a powerful IDE for developing applications with Ergo.
Enterprise Deployment Support for virtualization, such as Docker. Coherent’s experienced deployment team integrates Ergo into current or legacy environments.
Java Interface Enterprise grade Ergo-to-Java interface is more powerful and flexible than that of Flora-2. Basic API.
OWL/RDF Import Ergo Suite supports importing and reasoning with OWL and RDF knowledge.
SPARQL Interface SPARQL Endpoint querying interface included in Ergo Suite.
JSON Import/Export JSON Import and Export included in Ergo Suite.
(speed and scalability)
Orders of magnitude faster for loading large data sets. Improved inferencing performance for dynamically changing complex knowledge bases.  Faster compilation of complex knowledge. Limited scalability, especially for large data sets.
Execution Monitoring and Analysis Extensive tools for:  real-time pausing, resuming, monitoring computation; diagnosing problems in performance and runaway recursion.
Explanations, Natural Language Support & More
(justification of inferences)
Detailed explanations for each query answer.  Explanations in English.  Source provenance. Comprehensive support for generating, presenting, and user-navigating explanations.
ErgoText Knowledge entry and querying via natural language sentence templates.
Expressiveness for Complex Natural Language Ergo reasoner supports rules with heads that can contain general higher-order formulas, including logical quantifiers. This is important in many situations, especially in acquiring knowledge from English.
Probabilistic Reasoning Support for advanced probabilistic reasoning that integrates uncertain knowledge from multiple sources, including from machine learning.
Integrity Constraints, Triggers, Alerts Automatic maintenance of integrity constraints, the ability to define triggers and alerts that fire up when certain user-defined conditions are met.
Other enhancements In-line evaluable expressions:  useful for arithmetic, lists, and more.  Additional built-ins.  More extensive support for XML data types.